Demo Reel

LEVEL UP On-Air Game Promo
(Assistant Editor)

Regular Show iTunes App Store Approval Promo
(Editor, Graphics)

Formula Cartoon Game Promo
(Editor, Graphics, Sound)

Animated Interview with Throup Van Orman
The Creator of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
(Concept, Design, Producer)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Game Creator Promo
(Cameraman, Editor)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episode #313 Recap
(Editor, Producer)

Total Drama Action Best Game Ever Promo

Powerpuff Girls 10th Anniversary Web Promo
(Cameraman, Editor, Graphics, Producer)

Total Drama Island "Totally Fast Total Recap" On-Air Interstitial
(Concept, Editor, Assistant Writer)

J.Hilburn Leadership Training School, Dallas, TX

PartyLite Day In The Life: Lisa
(Assistant Editor)

Tower Prep Episode #102 Recap
(Editor, Producer)

"A Day With Andrew W.K."
(Editor, Graphics, Producer)

FlipCam promo of the Ben 10 Alien Swarm UK Movie Premiere
(Editor, Producer)

BellSouth: The Science Behind Our Service
(Assistant Cameraman, Editor, Graphics)